© Genae M. Girard, 2009-2010
Off the Rack, Chronicles of a Thirty-Something, Single,
Breast Cancer Survivor

In this illuminating, heart-felt and bittersweet humorous book, cancer survivor
Genae Girard shares her personal journey through the raw pain of a cancer
diagnosis to a ‘new normal’ way of vital living. She reveals her innermost
thoughts with a surprising candor and unique, quirky creativity to help others have
a fresh perspective in understanding this life-changing disease. There is power in
self-education,taking control of the medical treatment process and being able to
get real in handling the scary stuff by keeping a sense of humor about it all. And
she shares her process openly…

•        How she felt invaded by an alien conqueror the day she was diagnosed,
•        How her boyfriend of three months went quickly from hunter to caregiver,
•        What happened when treatment didn’t go as planned,
•        How she made friends with the fear, and, most importantly,
•        How she created a new life from the inside out.

Whether you are walking the path of cancer treatment personally or
love someone who is, this book is the perfect gift.
A Note From Genae

When I was first diagnosed with breast cancer I went
directly to the bookstore and bought every book I could find
about the topic. On those self help shelves I found medical
books, long memoirs and tales of depressing woe. As I made
my way from shelf to counter,  the stack of books looked
like the Leaning Tower of Pisa. As I poured through the
books, I realized there needed to be a different voice
screaming from those shelves. A voice of humor, irony and
conviction. A book that says, "I have cancer, but cancer is
not me."
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